Louise Green

Louise Green is a thought leader in creating a world where every “body” can realize their athletic potential, regardless of their size. As a sought after trainer, speaker and writer, she lends her expertise to media, professionals and brands who are open to a new paradigm of fitness and health. In 2008, Green founded Body Exchange; a revolutionary fitness program dedicated to the plus-size community and has since coached over a thousand women to unleash their inner athlete find peace with their bodies.  While she sweats alongside the women she serves she also collaborates with advertising agencies, brand consultants, medical professionals and fitness educators to expand our societal message to be more inclusive. Green’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Refinery 29 and Upworthy. Her upcoming book, Big Fit Girl, challenges society to ponder a more inclusive fitness culture and helps women realize that living their athletic dreams can happen in the body they have NOW.  This year Louise graced the TEDx stage with her ground breaking talk: Let’s Think Again about Athleticism, challenging TEDx listeners to re-evaluate their thoughts around body size and fitness ideals. Green’s contribution to changing the way we view health and fitness was recognized by the Body Confidence Canada Awards, saluting her excellence in leadership, when she was named the 2016 recipient for Women’s Health and Wellness in Toronto, Canada.  In her spare time you will find Louise pushing her limits and crushing stigma simply by showing up at local running races, triathlons and endurance cycling events. 

Green believes that women are unstoppable and that the human body will do whatever you train it to do if the mind allows it to succeed.  She personally accepts nothing less. 

As the body-positive revolution continues to fuel, you will find Green at the helm championing every “body” to chase their athletic dreams.