Plus Size Fitness DVD – The Campaign

So why produce a fitness home video for the plus size community?
Because the resources for this demographic are ridiculously limited and there is virtually no visual representation of this group in any media, advertising and television. Often when the plus size individual is show cased, it is only in the “before” picture of weight loss and fitness ads. This disempowers individuals and hinders thinking that they actually can kick ass in the body they have today and that their body doesn’t have to be in a “shrinking” transition to be active, healthy and fit.

We need to empower this deserving group, by offering fitness that is attainable, inviting and inclusionary.

I am a mission to raise $4800.00 to produce this revolutionary project.
I hope you can help us get the word out and even pre-order if you can!

I decided to produce The Body Exchange Home Fitness Collection because I’ve consistently heard from people, from all over the world, say that they would like a Body Exchange program in their community. At speaking events, I often hear frustration (and tears) from audience members saying that they feel judged or intimidated when approaching the gym setting. Their voices echo what I already know. For many people fitness is simply unapproachable, unattainable and uninviting and it prevents them from experiencing the endless benefits that exercise can bring.

At Body Exchange and through this DVD we approach health and fitness from a body positive position and encourage sweating for the love of moving our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle, period. There is no hidden agenda to “Get Flat Abs in 21 Days” or to “Eliminate that Muffin Top” as seen on every newsstand, these slogans move against our Body Exchange culture. I understand that we all have our own journey with our bodies and that movement, at any size, has endless benefits to your health.

Through this medium we also add to the fitness landscape a visual representation of the plus size women working out which we seldom see in any videos, advertising, or television. With The Body Exchange Home Fitness Collection you will see yourself and that is powerful!

Thanks for all your support on this, help us change the world.

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