The TEDx Dream!

Ok, many people might be getting tired of me talking and posting about TEDx but for me this was a life long dream. Prior to being accepted to speak at TEDx I had applied to five different events only to find out that I hadn’t been invited. The truth is, I probably wasn’t ready at the exact moment so my time came when I truly was.

My talk was about athleticism at every size and driving change so our media literacy reflects all bodies participating in fitness so that we can inspire people to get in the game. The talk will be available in a few weeks but for the first time, I felt like I had a platform to truly say, everything I wanted to say, unedited and it felt great.

I do believe there are injustices for people of size, double standards and lack of inclusion. At this talk I was able to share my thoughts in a professional and hopefully impactful way that may get people to think again. Ironically, Think Again, was the theme of this TEDx event and I hope they are!

It was an incredible experience to land at the destination after a lot of work.


I first wrote my talk at the end of January by mid February I had the words finalized after running it through for feedback with a coach I trust immensely and come close friends and family.

Then it came down to practice. I practiced this talk every day for 5 weeks. I carefully crafted the visuals to make an impact and was allowed to use some of the most kick ass images of people like ultra marathoner, Mirna Vilareo, Olympian’s, Amanda Bingson and Sarah Robles and some great historical shots of great moments in sport with Kathryn Switzer and Billy Jean King.

It was one of the most greatest experiences of my life, I am still high. Next on the circuit, I will most definitely be applying for the global TEDX Woman conference. Another chapter.

What I am most proud of is having a dream, relentlessly chasing it and achieving it. Never giving up have proven to show promise for me, again and again and again…..we are truly limitless.

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louise green
March 15, 2016 at 6:44 pm

Biggest Congrats Louise!
And I’ll never tire of you talking about…it’s a BIG deal and you put so much work into it!
I can’t wait to see the video!

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