Smash the Scale

As a fitness professional my colleagues may think the smashing the scale concept is absurd since the fitness industry uses the scale as a key tool in measuring success.  That is where I have very mixed views.  Over the years my position towards my body has changed.  I am a Personal Trainer and when I became certified it was my thinking that if I sneak by and keep to myself no one will really notice my body is plus-size and different from all the other trainers.  A chief reason I started my own business rather than apply for a job in a gym.  I had body shame and in my industry with fairly good reason, generally plus-size trainers need not apply.  I got tired of feeling badly about myself and not honouring who I am.  I have always been athletic and walked my talk so really why did my body size matter?  My mission is to empower women to reach their highest physical potential at any size – not to drive them to thinness.  I was being whole heartedly authentic in my work, so why did I still feel like such a fraud and misfit?   Doubting, shaming and fearing takes up a lot of head space that I can no longer afford because my life has been replaced with so much positivity.  Since I slowly started to accept who I am, I have never been happier, more successful and content.  I started to realize that becoming a fitness professional in my plus size body was a move of empowerment, not just for myself but for others.  That is my personal reason for smashing the scale, this trivial measurement has no power in my life, anymore.

It’s kind of like the big F you to those who think fit has a certain look and weight and that my worth and credibility in my profession hinges on this ridiculous method of measurement.

Through my work, I have talked with hundreds of woman about their bodies and their desire to make them smaller.  I realized it wasn’t just me, it’s a very complex issue amongst woman who have been conditioned to believe their body doesn’t fit.  I can only presume, like me, they too have their head space clouded with negative thoughts about themselves.  Which is such a travesty when that head space could be energizing and honouring their unique gifts.  The scale robs us from the life we should be living and it’s such a petty device that has been given the all mighty power.  Think about it.

Since my own personal shift,  I have started to advocate for body positivity.  My message is:  you are beautiful, your body is for loving and you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.  But living your ultimate life doesn’t happen on the outside when the inside is hating, loathing and doubting.  Our bodies are amazing machines that deserve love and respect and anything that says otherwise is rich man’s propaganda to keep the money machine going.  Don’t buy in.  I am grateful for the women I work with as they have made me realize so much about myself.  We are all in this together.

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louise green
wendy nelliganreply
September 22, 2014 at 8:55 pm

Love this post! Love your attitude. Although I’m not plus size, I’ve worried myself sick over the “scale”. Am I the right weight for my height? According to all those charts? Well guess what – hormones do change your body. Teen me was fat. No question. Menopausal me was rather more rounded that I like. Sure I lost weight in between and now I’m normal (whatever that is), but the psychological damage is done.

I worry about too many carbs. Look at other seniors my age who are put on unhealthy weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. I don’t want to go there. I exercise (no not at a gym), I walk. I bike. I swim. And I get tendinitis. Hmmmm.

But I won’t give up. I’m just learning to adjust my viewpoint from “worrying about a few excess pounds” to keeping fit, muscles toned do I don’t develop tendinitis or osteoporosis. Seems like a battle all the time. However – you inspire me with your positive attitude. I hope lots and lots of people benefit from your wise words.

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