Big Fit Girl 5K Training Program


Introducing the all new Big Fit Girl 5K training program.

A 12 week online training program to get you walking or running across the finish line.

Why BFG5K is different:


  • We start you off with a conditioning phase to get your body used to running before you start the 5K schedule.
  • Our intervals start less aggressively than other learn to run programs
  • We tackle mindset, as the 5K distance is partly a mind-game. Most other programs don’t include training for mental fitness.
  • Our content is specifically designed for athletes who are running our walking in larger bodies, we know what this feels like!
  • We empower our members to embrace the bodies they have by creating a body-positive environment.
  • We understand that approaching fitness can be difficult and even counter-cultural if you don’t fit the “typical” stereotype of an athlete. We coach you to own who you are, every step of the way!

12 Life Changing Weeks!

$97.00 USD

Run down your dreams for just over $1.00 per day (you can’t even buy a coffee for that anymore!)

A sample of what the program offers: