HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 4 Review

A couple of months ago I received an invitation to join the HOKA ONE ONE media house in Chamonix, France to experience the weekend at the UTMB (Ultra Trail Mount Blanc) and write about my experience. HOKA ONE ONE is pronounced HOKA (ONAY-ONAY) which loosely means to “fly over the

Kick Down your Fitness Barriers with the DivaCup. Period.

I am all about empowering women to be unstoppable and live to their potential both physically and mentally. I’ve been coaching women for many years to unleash their inner athlete and to take down the barriers that prevent them from exercising. This year I have been training for triathlons. The

Do you get Gym Anxiety? Here are some Strategies for Conquering it.

There was a time when I struggled to make fitness a consistent part of my life. I had a repertoire of excuses that seemed totally legit at the time: I was too busy, I had to work late, I was too tired, or fitness was just too expensive. I now realize

Smash the Scale

As a fitness professional my colleagues may think the smashing the scale concept is absurd since the fitness industry uses the scale as a key tool in measuring success.  That is where I have very mixed views.  Over the years my position towards my body has changed.

Plus Size Representing

My entire career is dedicated to physically training, advocating and changing the way society views the plus size community when it comes to health and fitness. Some of you know my latest project was writing my first book – BIG FIT GIRL – the drive behind the book is to

Rebel With A Cause

Welcome to the Big Fit Girl Blog! I am so excited after several years of planning a blog, wanting to blog but never doing it, it has finally landed. I feel I have a lot to say and needed an outlet to share my voice and my business endeavours.

The TEDx Dream!

Ok, many people might be getting tired of me talking and posting about TEDx but for me this was a life long dream. Prior to being accepted to speak at TEDx I had applied to five different events only to find out that I hadn’t been invited. The truth is,

Can You Remember What it Felt Like?

I’ve had the honour of being invited to speak at Vancouver’s first Body Love Summit Founded by radical body lover and revolutionary, Joyelle Brandt. The Body Love Summit is a day filled with inspiring speakers, playful workshops and one giant dance party. A day of art and music and writing

Can a Big Girl do CrossFit?

Kelly Glover is a kick ass Aussie living in LA and is the Founder of the popular blog Big Curvy Love, a blog dedicated to plus-size lifestyle, love and fashion. Here is her experience at CrossFit and while many athletes in a diverse range have had a good experience at

I’m A Plus-Size Runner

Yesterday I ran my fourth half marathon. It was a long and challenging run of 13.1 miles, and although I consider myself an athlete, my body isn’t exactly built like most runners we tend to visualize. I am ok with being the poster child of the “unconventional athlete;” in fact,