Big Fit Girl: Community Guidelines
Guidelines are in place to uphold the integrity of the Big Fit Girl mission and brand: To liberate women to reap the benefits of sweat and endorphins – at every size. Speak positively about yourself and others. Be supportive of other Big Fit Girls – words of motivation, kindness and inspiration are always encouraged. In order for members to grow and learn to unleash their inner athlete, members need a safe environment where they can share their feelings and progress without judgement. We hold a strict policy that what happens in this group, stays in this group.

Medical Disclaimer
Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone.

Any user of this exercise program assumes the risk of injury resulting from performance of the exercises. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The instructions and advice presented through this program are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counselling.

Big Fit Girl: Unleashed and Big Fit Girl 5k are not suitable for individuals with acute, chronic injuries or those who cannot stand for more than 20 minutes. Please contact us for ideas or if you are unsure if this is suitable for you.

Throughout the marketing of Big Fit Girl, we have been as transparent as possible around what the program entails, what is involved and the general look and feel of the program. The program content has been carefully designed to help people really change their lives. However, if there remains dissatisfaction at the end of the program, participants may request a full refund upon submission of all completed work from each module. We feel so strongly that if the work is done, our customers will be satisfied and on their way to a new way of living.

Discount Codes
If applicable, only one coupon can be applied per purchase. We reserve the right to offer sales and coupon codes to our consumers at our discretion. We do not offer any price matching if a coupon comes out after your initial purchase date.

Copyright Disclaimer
The creators of this program, as well as their employees, agents, independent contractors and/or affiliates, disclaim any liability or loss sustained in connection with the exercises recommended, or the instructions and advice expressed herein.

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